A multi-role light aircraft

Seabird Aviation Australia PTY Ltd (SEABIRD) is wholly owned by Seeker Aircraft, Inc. whose parent company is CSI Aviation, Inc., (CSI) a diverse, global aviation management company providing comprehensive aviation solutions to individuals, government agencies and corporations. CSI is headquartered in the United States and was founded in 1979.

SEABIRD has designed, developed and certificated the SB7L-360 Seeker-2 (SEEKER), a multi-role utility aircraft so as to achieve optimum effectiveness, performance and safety in low level observation tasks. A result of thousands of hours of tough military patrol, surveillance and training operations, the Australian designed and manufactured SEEKER is now available for commercial and private use.

For commercial use, with operating costs a third that of the helicopter equivalent, the SEEKER provides an efficient and cost-effective alternative for power and pipeline inspection, coast watch, environmental and stock monitoring, aerial photography and security where VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) is not mission essential. The Seeker's visibility is unrivalled by any other fixed-wing aircraft and is superior to many helicopters.

For the private owner, the SEEKER provides a safe and enlightening flying experience not available in conventional fixed wings.

It is only by experiencing a flight in the SEEKER that you will be able to truly appreciate the superior visibility from the cabin, and the safe docile handling characteristics the SEEKER can provide.

We invite you review this site then contact  a SEABIRD representative and arrange a demonstration flight.

The Seeker is operational today in Australia, USA, Middle East and Africa

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