Seabird Aircraft at Hervey Bay Queensland Australia

With a long aviation –related history and incorporated since 1983, Seabird Aviation Australia Pty Ltd (SEABIRD) has a record of innovation and excellence in the design, certification and manufacture of specialised aircraft. The company embodies a depth of experience which dates back more than 50 years.  During this time operations included many aircraft types from J-3 Cubs, DH60 and DH82 Moths, DH84 Dragons, Cessnas, Pipers, and Britten Norman Islanders. Even a three engined DHA-3 Drover which he operated a one-man band flying day trippers to Lady Elliot Island, the southern-most coral cay on the Great Barrier Reef.  Then it was the case of cleaning the spark plugs of the Gipsy Major engines and topping up the oil for the flight home while the steaks were cooking on the barbeque, while the day trippers were pre-occupied swimming and reef walking.

Today SEABIRD’s purpose-built factory and office complex is situated at Hervey Bay Airport, Queensland Australia.



Early market research focused on defining a segment in the market which combined a high rate of demand growth where there was no aircraft currently in production. Seabird considered and identified a need for a cost effective fixed-wing platform to suit the increasing airborne observation market – a true niche in which the company could make its mark and sustain an international competitive advantage.  Research identified the path leading to the Seeker Airborne Observation Platform.


The SB7L-360 Seeker was first certificated to FAR 23 standard in 1996. A series of significant upgrades were incorporated in 2003 when the aircraft became known as the SB7L-360 Seeker-2.