purpose built for surveillance and patrol operations

Designed and developed in Australia, and now operating in Australia, USA, Middle-East and Africa, the SB7L-360 Seeker 2 (SEEKER) is a purpose built, rugged utility aircraft. A result of thousands of hours of tough military patrol surveillance and training operations, the SEEKER is now available for commercial and private use.

At a third of the operating cost of rotary wing equivalents, the SEEKER provides an efficient alternative for powerline and pipeline inspection, coast watch, environmental and stock monitoring, aerial photography and security - where VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) is not mission essential. Crew visibility is unrivalled by any other fixed-wing aircraft and is superior to many helicopters.

The SEEKER Advantage.

Seabird Aviation Australia has designed and developed the SEEKER multi-role utility aircraft for optimum effectiveness and performance in low level observation tasks. Delivering a combination of attributes not available with conventional helicopters or commercially available fixed wing aircraft, the SEEKER represents a sound business decision and offers an impressive and unique flying experience.

The SEEKER delivers a combination of attributes not available in other fixed wing General aviation aircraft.

  • Helicopter – like visibility
    Crew seated forward of the wing highlights the deficiencies of conventional fixed-wing designs and permits unrivalled 270 degree visibility.
  • Primary Safety
    Responsive push - rod operated controls and vice free stall handling – Will roll level when stalled in a turn
    Minimal pitch change with power and flap changes
    Visibility from cabin and inherent stability reduces pilot load and enhances situational awareness
    Low stall speed and ample power-to-weight ratio enhance low level flight safety
    High fatigue life – metal primary structure
    Simple structure and systems ensure complete and regular maintenance
  • Secondary Safety
    Occupants protected in tubular steel “Safety Cell”
    Fire hazards are minimised with fuel in wings and no fuel lines in cabin area
    Four point inertia reel harness standard
  • Comfortable ride in turbulence
    Forward cabin provides the crew with a smooth ride and reduced fatigue on extended missions
  • Comfortable Cabin
    Well ventilated and spacious with door-off operation approval
  • Low vibration levels
    With a high mounted engine and pusher prop aft of the cabin, no propeller slipstream buffet over cabin
  • De-rated Lycoming 0-360 engine
    Widely acknowledged as one of the world’s most reliable piston aircraft engines. The 0-360B2C is de-rated for even greater reliability
  • Low octane fuels
    Min. 80/87 Avgas with Mogas approval
  • Soft-field operation
    Rugged spring steel main undercarriage legs. Tail wheel oleo, low pressure tyres for rough field operations
  • Airframe spare parts readily available
    Spares are available direct from the Australian manufacturer, with off-the–shelf rotables commonly available
  • Range of sensors accommodated
    Aperture in floor. Under-wing and fuselage hard-points. 24 volt 70amp. electrical system.
  • Proven in Harshest operating conditions.
    In 2004 SEEKER was chosen by the Coalition Provisional Authority as the first aircraft for the re-formed Iraqi Air Force. These aircraft continue to be operational today, where alternatives have failed, continuing to protect vital infrastructure and the environment.
  • Once you fly the SEEKER you will immediately realise its uniqueness and outstanding effectiveness in providing a safe, cost-efficient alternative to many conventional fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft.

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