purpose built for surveillance and patrol operations

Designed and developed in Australia, and now operating in Australia, USA, Middle-East and Africa, the SB7L-360 series aircraft is a CASA and FAA Part 23 Normal Category Certified purpose built, rugged utility aircraft. The Seeker is now available for commercial and private use.

At a third of the operating cost of rotary wing equivalents, the Seeker provides an efficient alternative for powerline and pipeline inspection, coast watch, environment and livestock monitoring, aerial photography and security. Crew visibility is unrivalled by any other fixed-wing aircraft and is superior to many helicopters.

Seabird designed and developed the Seeker as multi-role utility aircraft for optimum effectiveness and performance in low level observation tasks. Delivering a combination of attributes not available with conventional helicopters or commercially available fixed wing aircraft, the Seeker offers an impressive and unique flying experience.

Technical Specifications SB7L-360A SB7L-360A2
Maximum T/O Weight 1,977 LB 2,147 LB
Min. Patrol Speed (CAS) 65 KTS 65 KTS
Cruise 75% Power (CAS) 101 KTS 114 KTS
Never Exceed (CAS) 134 KTS 134 KTS
Stall (0° Flap) (IAS) 58 KTS 58 KTS
Stall (40° Flap) (IAS) 48 KTS 48 KTS
Ceiling 15,000 Ft 15,000 Ft
Min. Patrol Speed (65 KTS) 6HRS 30MIN 6HRS 30MIN
Cruise (90 KTS) 5HRS 30MIN 5HRS 30MIN
Patrol Speed (65 KTS) 454 NM 454 NM
Cruise 540 NM 540 NM
Model Lycoming 0-360B2C Lycoming IO-390A1A6
Usable Fuel 45.4 GAL 45.4 GAL
Type MOGAS or 100LL 100LL