"The SEEKER did everything we asked of it at 54 Celsius in the summer of 2004 training the New Iraqi Air Force. Incredibly hard environmental conditions never slowed the SEEKER in the southern desert of Iraq. She made flying fun. The platform is solid and meets all the parameters found in the Pilots Operating Handbook. One of the true wonders of the airframe is how easy she is to handle, both in the air and on the ground. There is never a guess about what may happen next with regards to control input.  Set the power to prescribed settings and landings are effortless. To a new pilot to rear mounted thrust systems I feel the transition comes fast. What is lost in fast lifting components provided in forward mounted engines is a big gain in terms of slow airspeed directional control with small increases in power.

As a recon platform the visibility is second to none. And o-by-the way, she will stay in the air longer than most would like. All in all - the SEEKER is one of the best all around planes I have ever had the opportunity to fly in 30 plus years of smashing bugs. I look forward to the day that someone hangs floats on her legs. Splash and goes in south Florida on top of a gator filled lake. Now that’s going to be fun."

Major Jerry P. Sheppard 
US Army

"I have long thought that many airborne observation roles traditionally undertaken by a helicopter could be flown just as effectively by a fixed –wing aircraft, at a fraction of the operating cost, particularly when vertical take-off and landing is not mission essential. Visibility, low-speed handling and endurance have always been major obstacles for any conventionally configured light aircraft when undertaking such a role.  In satisfying all these requirements, the Seeker is, without doubt, the modern fixed-wing answer to a cost-effective airborne surveillance platform".

Nigel Lamb
Aerobatic Displays Ltd
Red Bull Air Race Pilot

"In the right place at the right time and at the right price, the Seeker promises to offer a viable alternative to the expense of operating helicopters."

Peter Collins, 
15-21 November 2005 Flight International

"Hot weather flight operations were conducted with surface temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius (105 degrees Fahrenheit) at an altitude exceeding 2,700 feet above mean sea level.  Moderate winds blew a considerable amount of dirt and sand onto the aircraft. In less that 45 minutes the Seeker conducted nine takeoffs and landings on a blacktop road less that 7 meters (23 feet) wide.  Throughout these hot weather operations, the Seeker's engine operating temperatures remained within normal limits."

Daniel E Moore,  Jr
Project Lead
IDA Paper P-4054 Intergrated Air-Ground Operations at the Platoon Level.

"It is my opinion that the Seeker would make an excellent cost effecive law enforcement surveillance, and or, command and control, machine.   No doubt there would be numerous Police services who already understand the value of aerial surveillance who will be particularly interested in your product.  For Police Services that do not utilize regular aerial patrols, this would be an excellent low cost means of trialing such patrols.

On many search and rescue tasks it would be a very cost effective addition to resources.

I think this aircraft could also perform the beach surveillance role for Local Councils and Surf Life Saving, directing personnel and resources to required locations at a very minimal hourly cost."

Rod Edwards
Senior Aircrew Officer
Queensland Rescue - Brisbane Base.

"As Seeker N 94399 is wheeled out of its hangar it is, for me, like meeting an old high school girlfriend that over the years has acquired sophistication and a better wardrobe. In the early 1990's I had spent many hours in its prototype working on engine cooling and aerodynamic enhancements.  The temporary modifications of modeling clay, Bristol board, duct tape and flow visualization tufts are gone and the interior is slick and comfortable."

R. J. Reilly
St Paul Minnesota

"In my role as Chief of Operations in Iraq, I had experience of a vast number of aircraft, from OH-58D through Apache to Predator and even higher.  Even in this, the highest technology war in history, there is a role for a man in a light maneuverable aircraft who can use his initiative, report and transfer data, remain on station with the ground troops day and night and most importantly, establish a personal relationship with the ground soldiers.  I see no substitute for this at anything like the cost of the Seeker."

Major General Jim Molan, Chief of Operations, Multi-National Force-Iraq 2004-2005

"I am a retired military pilot with over 1,000 hours operational patrol and surveillance service, both in the Indonesian Archipelagic region during  Indonesia’s ‘Confrontasi’ era, and under combat conditions in Vietnam. 

When flying the Seeker prototype extensively around remote regions of North Queensland I came to appreciate the practicality and usefulness of such an aircraft. I was extremely impressed with the aircraft's reliability, stability and ease of operation: I liked this Seeker so much, I bought it for myself. "

(James C. Buchanan D.F.C.)
LtCdr RAN (retired)

"I have worked as a professional land surveyor in Australia and overseas for more than 50 years. The last 10 years was spent as a laser airborne mapping consultant working in Australia; New Zealand; South East Asia and the United States, and I fully appreciate the value of a stable airborne mapping and photographic platform.

For the past 3 years I have been working part time as a consultant producing promotional and environmental effects DVDs for various organizations in Victoria and Queensland.  Much of this work has required the use of both helicopter and fixed wing aircraft for filming both video and still photo sequences.

In the last 12 months I have completed a number of projects using the Seeker aircraft as a platform. In my opinion it is the most stable of all the aerial platforms I have used, and the superior visibility enables the work to be planned and completed with a minimum of fuss and at very competitive cost.

I would recommend Seeker to any organization that requires a stable and cost effective base for the capturing of both video and still photography"

Bob Bakewell

Phillip Island, Australia

  • Retired land surveyor
  • Former Member of Institution of Surveyors, Australia
  • Former Fellow of Institution of Engineering and Mining Surveyors, Australia
  • Former Member of Automated Mapping and Facilities Management International
  • Former Member of Advisory Mapping Committee, State of Victoria, Australia